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INNkeeperUK was the brainchild of Richard Marshall-Duffield who heads up a group of quality-obsessed individuals.  Our aim is to supply simple solutions to pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hoteliers. We are skilled at developing successful operations across the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors. Our expertise at identifying operational problems and solving them with simple actionable solutions. These well-practiced methods have been developed over decades working for large mainstream national and international companies involving FMCG, Celebrity/Tourist/Locale Clientele, Event, Media, Corporate, and Student markets. We have taken a great degree of care with our team selection. INNkeeperUK consists of managing directors, brand developers, executive chefs, general managers, sales & marketing executives, building surveyors, stock takers and auditors, even private security officers to deliver business solutions to the local operator. These abilities make us just as comfortable dealing with single operators, major Pubco's and regionally specific sales tasks. Public Relations and Social Media require a controlled process, linked with a creativity approach to create trust with our clients, to deliver to their customers "the wanting" to partisapate by delivering the right customer offers to the customer. While we are always developing our business leads and operational programmes, we aim to assist our team with helping improve their personal revenue streams. Are you an independent operator? or a skilled individual looking for a second income, then INNkeeperUK is here to help. If you believe you can help put a local business back on track, while expanding your personal revenue stream, please contact us directly INNkeeperUK info@innkeeperuk.com

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