So, I found an article that shows a sandwich with Cheesey Fries on top of what looks like 1/2lb of Roast Beef…. Perhaps, this should be a classed as #A2SittingSnack, but why a big deal?

It really is a changing world, Food Waste is a huge concern for society, but have you ever ask your waiter for your leftovers “To Go” while a common trait of the Northern American’s, us proud Brits still turn our nose’s up at Leftovers. Isn’t it true the Queen has Rissoles every Monday, aptly, made from the Sunday Roast leftovers.

So, Imagine how much a Restauranteur would save annually, if his customers took 30% of their food home. Gossip says the British may look at portion sizes as an issue, but with the ever-changing High Street food offers, Value For Money (VFM) is King, how offer does  the Entree arrive, with just a little too much to eat, “Eyes Bigger than you Belly” Nanny Charlotte used to say, but we are naturally drawn to a Good VFM offer.

Don’t misunderstand it as Greed, the new trend is a Two-Sitting Snack, and taking a Beef Crispy Noodle to work for Lunch while your colleague noshes down on a couple of lumps of Lamb Shish, that just leaves the lunchtime chatter to evolve around where did you eat last night….. And if the Queen does invite you to Lunch on a Monday… Would you really turn your nose up to Royalty.